Zelda Clone Development, Part 35 & 36

I needed to figure out how to do collision detection with rotated rectangles. Apparently this is the key to it, but hell if I understood it all. Luckily there are existing implementations out there, so with a few hours of tweaking I was able to get it working!

Here’s the current build of the intro dungeon. It’s meant to teach a lot of the basic mechanics of the game. I still need to do a ton of polishing and I need to work on the boss battle a lot.

One of the rooms in this dungeon gave me an idea for an interesting game mechanic. I’m gonna take a few days off this project to try it out. The diversion might help, since I’ve been working on this almost every day for like 50+ days now. More and more I’m feeling burned out, so maybe the fresh air will be nice.

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2 Responses to “Zelda Clone Development, Part 35 & 36”

  1. Esper says:

    This looks pretty rad. I’m eager to see this more fleshed out. 🙂

    Oh and if you’d like someone to make the music, give me a shout!

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