Zelda Clone Development, Part 34

Over the last couple days I’ve worked on the actual content portion of what’s to be the first “intro” dungeon in the game. It’s still very, very rough and going to change a lot eventually, but here’s a quick look at what I have done so far. Basically, as this is an intro to the basic game mechanics you can’t die and everything is basically a guaranteed win. The fact that this also contains a lot of the basic game mechanics means I’ll be able to use a lot of this stuff in the rest of the game.

The music in the video skips sometimes due to inefficient coding of the background effect, which I’m working on now.


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3 Responses to “Zelda Clone Development, Part 34”

  1. SomeUser says:

    This is so weird.
    The guardians reminded me of a really easy bullet hell game or something :p
    How come your health drops to one when the boss is almost dead?

    • Mato says:

      The boss is still almost entirely unimplemented, I have some fancy stuff planned for it though, including an HP-draining thing.

  2. JohnTheRedeemer says:

    Hey there! Stumbled across you on youtube and really enjoyed catching up on your progress! It looks like it’ll be a good read on your website too, so I’ll prolly catch up with everything over the next few days! It’s inspiring to see you working away and is helping motivate me to get back to working on my own game, so thank you 😛

    It’s come a long way in little time, looking good man! Looking forward to where it goes.

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