Zelda Clone Development, Part 32

Over the last few days I got a couple more things done. I reorganized some stuff, added some lighting-related stuff, and started working on an early test version of the game’s intro. Since the intro is meant to introduce a lot of elements used in the rest of the game, working on an early implementation will basically touch on most of the important gameplay things that need to get implemented for the rest of the game.

I’m also currently unhappy with my current script system implementation. I really need to be able to make it so I can do something like:

   health = 1;
   sprite = "Blob";
   xPos = 50;
   yPos = 30;
      if (hp == 1)
         display("Oh noes");
         sprite = "DyingBlob";

Stuff like that, but on a more complicated scale so I can do more complicated things based on complex conditional statements. And I need to be able to apply this scripting to anything, and I need to implement it in a way so that if flags change at any time, it’ll cause any applicable scripts to trigger. Like if you kill all the enemies in a room so the doors will open, for example.

I can easily wedge that functionality into what I have now, but it won’t be flexible enough for me. So I’m looking into some solutions. I don’t want to write my own lexical parser, it’s been over a decade since I did anything like that and messed with binary trees and whatnot. People say Lua is a good thing to try to use as scripting languages for this sort of thing, but I don’t know how to connect it to my C# program, and since I maybe hope to port this to Xbox and other things like that, Lua doesn’t even seem to be an option.

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