Zelda Clone Development, Part 31

A bit tired tonight so no big write-up this time. Mostly made some small, incremental improvements since the last video. Working on actual game stuff rather than ugly, boring internals is keeping the project fun. Got a lot of ugly and tedious internal rewrites to do, and need to implement a basic lighting system at some point.

Ideas are still flowing as fast as always too, which is nice. I think if I can make this game even half as good as it is in my mind, it’ll be something I’d love to have played back in the day myself 😀

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2 Responses to “Zelda Clone Development, Part 31”

  1. Artemis251 says:

    This is coming along amazingly! Can’t wait to see more! I assume the pauses in the dark areas were supposed to be text of some sort…?

    (Also props for Maze of Galious music ♥)

  2. SomeUser says:

    Fighting with a plunger reminds me of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show.
    Also, I think the light circle (dunno how to say it, lol) should be bigger vertically, but it’s up to you what you wanna do with it.

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