Working on a Zelda Clone, Part 28

Felt a little burned out and uninspired today, so I only got a couple things done.

More script commands
I added some more commands to the scripting language system I put together the other day. The big new addition is that I can change the current screen’s tiles at any point in an event script. In the video above, I use this to seal the boss room when you encounter the boss, and then unseal it after you get the special item the boss drops.

I really need to figure out a nicer way to handle these sort of “shutter doors” that Zelda has.

I also need to devise a way to make it so that the current room will react to other special conditions at any time, like when you defeat all the enemies in a room and the doors unlock in Zelda games.

Event hotspots
The next logical step after the last couple of days was to create event “hotspots” – custom areas on the screen that will execute custom event scripts when the player walks over them. This was pretty simple to get working, but making it so they don’t constantly execute while you stand on top of them was a bit of a challenge. Turning them off completely after executing their scripts isn’t the ideal solution, since they might need to be permanent in some cases.

What’s next
The to-do list is so huge that I’m not sure what’s next 😯

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