Working on a Zelda Clone, Part 26 and Part 27

Kinda fell behind with these posts. The other day I posted this video:

I’m still up in the air about it and have been trying various different transitions too. Right now I’m using something that’s used sometimes in Zelda 1.

I’ve done all kinds of new stuff over the past few days, the biggest of which is definitely event scripting, which is basically set up a lot like control codes in EarthBound but simpler. It allows me to make the game dynamic and lets me create cut scenes. Since it’s still in the early stages there isn’t much to show, but I made this test to make sure things are working:

Right now I have it so I can tie this custom scripting language to enemies, items, rooms, and NPCs. The code and implementation still need a lot of cleaning up, but it’s definitely a good start.

Incidentally, the entire donut theme in these past few videos is just for testing purposes only. I do intend to keep the donut shop around, and I’ll probably have a law firm dungeon of some sorts in the actual game too, but everything else so far is just for testing.

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6 Responses to “Working on a Zelda Clone, Part 26 and Part 27”

  1. Advanced Lawnmower Simulator says:

    The neat Master System Zelda 1 clone Golden Axe Warrior used a nice combination of the fade and pan out effects from the first video but I think the clapper board transition from the scripting demo feels right with the current art style.

    Should also say thanks for the update, really enjoying the blog!

  2. Really love reading the progress on this. I think it’s really cool how much progress you’ve made in such a short time. Nice work. Looking forward to seeing more. XD

  3. Kyosuke says:

    I like the Zelda transition better.

    Yay for scripting and flags!

  4. Leonneo says:

    Can i have the tilesets? I mean the images of the tiles

  5. Leonneo says:

    Can i have the tilesets? I mean the images of the tiles in the game

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