Working on a Zelda Clone, Part 22

I’ve been feeling a little burned out on this lately, so today I decided to do some simple code clean-up and organization. It definitely helped.

Later, I decided it was finally time to learn more about HLSL/pixel shader stuff. None of this existed back when I was doing most of my crappy game programming, so I feel like I’m in the stone age. But it looked fun, so I dove into it.

The best way to explain pixel shaders is to compare them to Photoshop filters, except as a programmer you make them from scratch. They can do all kinds of stuff that would be really, really hard to do otherwise.

Since it’s completely new to me, I just went straight into it and did random experiments! Here they are 😀

I feel like this isn’t even scratching the surface of what HLSL can do. So I look forward to learning more and possibly applying it in useful and creative situations.

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