Zelda Clone Engine, Part 15

Yesterday I had a few hours before a big ol’ storm knocked out the power, so I tried to improve things a little more.

I guess the biggest thing I tried to do was finally starting to rework the object/weapon system. I started out by making a fireball object that enemies could shoot. I made it so it can shoot at specific targets or just shoot in general directions.

I then made it so that weapons can hurt the player, hurt enemies, or even both. This way it’s easier to just have a queue of all the weapons active at any one time and I won’t have to worry about hard-coding what works on what. It also means that maybe I can make weapons that affect everyone, or maybe even weapons that change who they hurt on the fly. An example usage might be letting the player hit fireballs back at the enemy and hurting them with their own weapon.

To test stuff out, I first gave the player a fireball weapon too. Then I started to work on the sword weapon stuff, but it still needs some ironing out.

It’s funny, because with the current fireball weapon, the game is now a Zelda clone with Metal Gear-ish stuff and now it’s a shooter too 😯


Poe and I wanted to try seeing how post-Zelda 1 tiles might look in the game, so we put some Link’s Awakening-ish graphics with a recolored palette into the current build. I tell you, it makes a HUGE difference in the feel of things. I’d definitely like to do some tiles similar to Link’s Awakening or Zelda 3 (I know it’s called Link to the Past but it’s always Zelda 3 to old me 😛 ). Gotta learn how to do pixel art better…

Game ideas
So far everything here is just me building the engine for the eventual game Poe and I want to make. We’ve been brainstorming lots of ideas, and we got some good ones. I think we might be trying to reach too far, but I’m sure at least some of the ideas will get used. I’d say it’s like a combination of 70% Zelda and 30% EarthBound. But we shall see!


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One Response to “Zelda Clone Engine, Part 15”

  1. Kyosuke says:

    Nice rapid progress! Can’t wait to see what you guys have cooking for your game idea.

    I’ve also been working on a new game for the past 4 months or so, but I’m not gonna show anyone until the testing phase. If either of you have an Android phone or an iPhone, help me test it when the time comes!

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