Taking on a Zelda Clone: Part 2

I was able to find about 20 or 30 minutes of free time last night, so I made some more tiny improvements to my project.


The big thing is that I got the Enemy list working, so now I can have as many enemies on the screen at once, rather than just one like before. A very simple thing to add. I also improved the way the enemies move – even if they’re just prototypes it still helps to learn how to control them better.

Also, after watching this, I thought I’d try it out very quickly. By implementing one of those equations, I was able to make the “enemy flies back” thing look much better and a lot more like what Zelda games look like. By giving it an extra long fly time, it even wound up making the enemy pause for a short moment after flying back, all without having to do any extra work on my part. Sweet, I hope to implement more little tweaks like this to spice up stuff I normally would’ve cut corners with.

I also realized I should give the enemies internal timers that I can use for various stuff. I had timers for other enemy actions, don’t know why I didn’t think to do this with their entire lifespans though. Learning how to make enemies work and act and tick is really interesting.

I think my stereo stuff was messed up last time, so I tried to fix it this time. I think it might still be wrong, I’ll look into it later.

I just realized that in NES Zelda you can’t move diagonally, so I fixed that. It does give it a more authentic feel now. I liked how Zelda 3 had diagonal movement, but I’m not going for that feel in this project, maybe some other time.

I’m still not sure why it seems like the ghosts prefer the left side over the right. I’ve checked over and over but the random movement thing chooses both sides fairly. Will have to sleep on it or take some thinking showers to figure it out I guess.


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