Taking on a Zelda Clone, Part 12

Today I was able to get a lot of time to work on this, it was glorious. I’m hoping the same will be true tomorrow~

I played around a little bit more today and put the code back in to make the player stagger. I mapped it to the Tab button for easy access. From this, I was able to see that there were a few more bugs to iron out of the movement system I implemented yesterday. It’s now doing very well and I like having this rock solid foundation to build off of now. Last week the movement was still held together with duct tape 😛

I started reimplementing the Enemy class, after doing a little bit more class reshuffling. The class hierarchy I have going now feels a lot more natural and it almost writes itself. Having worked with tons of WordPress stuff in the past, I’m used to the concept of having/leaving hooks in stuff for other stuff to hook on to, so I’ve been doing that as well. It’s made things a lot more organized and even more flexible than before, which I’m really happy about.

Since I switched to 16×16, all the 24×24 sprites I used before are gone. For temporary measures, I’m using some basic one-frame sprites that Poe drew up recently, mostly today. I don’t know if any of these will be in the final game or not – the game I have in mind is starting to take shape but I’ll save that stuff for another day.

Enemy movement patterns are still a bit rough too, I’ll probably work on that over the next few days.

Weapons and Objects
The weapons and objects are still offline, I have to revamp them too before I can put them back in. I want to make sure I have things working well before I move to them, though.

Debug stuff
In trying to work on the movement and enemy stuff today, I wound up needing lots of debug-related stuff, so I mapped various functions to the 1 through 6 keys. You can see what they do in the video – I’m actually impressed at how easy it was to do this, again, I think it’s because when properly organized, code almost writes itself.

Yesterday was a bit depressing, having to struggle with intangible things like movement patterns, but today was a lot of fun, getting to work with the interesting and more visual stuff. I also got a lot of inspiration for neat game content ideas today too, I’m going to have to think more about them sometime. Ultimately, my goal is to make this a game that I’d immediately want to play had I not made it myself.


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  1. Carl says:

    I couldn’t agree more about how “when properly organized, code almost writes itself.” It’s easy, and awfully tempting, to write a quick and dirty solution to a problem, and unfortunately, sometimes that’s all you can afford to do with respect to budget or schedule. But there is no feeling in the world like working in a clean, elegant, and well-organized code base. It really helps you focus on solving the problem at hand, instead of spending your time & energy finding your way through a messy tangle of spaghetti code.

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