Foray into XNA

Been getting burned out on messing with EarthBound stuff with C#, so I thought I’d try out XNA stuff real quick. XNA is a Microsoft game development library, for those not in the know. It uses C#, so it seems like a good thing to mess with.

And the winner of Best Art in a Video Game goes to… Tom Ato!

Anyway, this is my very first thing I got running. It didn’t work QUITE as I had hoped, but it was funny enough for me to save. If you’re interested, here you go:

  • Mato Game (might require .NET libraries, not sure)

I should totally do a Kickstarter for this game! Yeah!

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One Response to “Foray into XNA”

  1. TMMDI says:

    Brilliant! It tells me of the deep complexity of life in that we must all alter our external projections into a new shape and size to properly interact with other sentient beings. Brought a tear to my eye mato…

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