About the Word “Revengeance”

So a while ago a Metal Gear Solid spinoff was announced, with the title of “Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance”. It features Raiden doing all sorts of dumb, non-Metal Geary stuff so I haven’t paid it much attention, but I’ve noticed a lot of jokes about the word “Revengeance” and how it makes no sense since “revenge” and “vengeance” are the same thing.

In Japanese, there are lots of words that are taken straight from English, but are often used with different nuances or meanings than the original. In this case, the English word “revenge” usually actually means more like “a rematch” or “give another attempt”.

So in Japanese, this combination of “revenge” and “vengeance” is actually more like “a rematch/a second try, with vengeance involved”.

I’m guessing this “rematch” or “second try” is referring to how this is the second game where you play as Raiden. Like, “Okay, maybe he sucked before in MGS2, but this time he’ll kick ass!”

So there you go – the title makes a little more sense coming from a Japanese perspective… but someone should’ve still told Kojima it’s a lame title either way 😛

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3 Responses to “About the Word “Revengeance””

  1. Carl says:

    The initial “RE” is highlighted as well, suggesting that English-speakers parse it as re-vengeance, which has a similar meaning to the Japanese one (but is still pretty awkward sounding).

  2. Kyo says:

    Kojima probably picked the name himself and forced its use in the localization. That’s a problem I’ve been seeing a lot since working in a Japanese game company. Non-native speakers having the final say on a language they don’t speak.

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