Tinkering with NES Programming

A few weeks ago I got the urge to see how to program NES games. I only spent a couple hours on it but I managed to figure out graphics, sprites, palettes, and input. For a test, I made it so you can move a Sky Runner from EarthBound around:

There’s not much to do other than move it left and right and up and down, but here’s the ROM:

I’d like to get more into NES programming someday, maybe even make some simple games and then move on to SNES programming where I can make sequels to my NES games 😛

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3 Responses to “Tinkering with NES Programming”

  1. Neko Knight says:

    I always thought that a fan made Famicom / NES version of MOTHER 2 would be pretty neat. It probably won’t happen, though. It’s too time consuming and not really worth it.

  2. Tanner Royce says:

    I’m hacking EB0. It seems like you are making a whole new game.

  3. Absoltastic says:

    Super Skyrunner Move Mania Fanfest 2012. It has to happen. maybe 57 GPP’s?

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