Shin-chan Snack for Sale!

Many years ago I worked on the Shin-chan anime for FUNimation. Throughout the anime there’s a snack called Chocobees that Shin absolutely loves. It even appeared in some of the episodes FUNi licensed:

Eventually, they made this snack for real! I’ve been keeping one for a while now, but since I’m decluttering the place maybe a fellow Shin-chan fan will enjoy it. I’m selling it on eBay here, if you’re interested!

If you get it, just be sure not to eat it, as it’s long past its expiration date 😛

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3 Responses to “Shin-chan Snack for Sale!”

  1. hllwn says:

    arghhh I want to eat chocobees though

  2. Heidi Poe says:

    I’ve had Chocobees before – they taste like coco puffs. You’re not missing much, hllwn 🙂

  3. Advanced Lawnmower Simulator says:

    These actually turn up in the latest translated episode of GameCenter CX.
    Arino didn’t snag them so there’s an option if you get outbid!

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