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Kamaitachi no Yoru Translation Stuff

For a very long time now (maybe the past ten years or so) I’ve had the strong urge to ROM hack and translate a “meatier” game – most games have very simple, generic text, but there are lots of Japanese games out there with text that goes beyond what most Western gamers are used to. […]

Vesperia Craziness

A while back I picked up Tales of Vesperia and have been enjoying it. The game itself is really cool, but being a translator by trade, I always wind up paying attention to the translation, even if I don’t mean to. From what I can tell, it looks like most of the translation work was […]

Final Fantasy 3/6 Weirdified

Thought this was pretty neat, particularly the second half 😛

Game Translation Analysis

For a while now I’ve wanted to make a site kind of like my EarthBound vs. Mother 2 stuff, but for other games, not as crazy-detailed (man, it’s too exhausting making each page!), and maybe with more of a focus from a translator’s viewpoint. It’s like, you know how whenever the news media talks about […]

It’s a Trap!

Translation, Localization, and MOTHER 3

A long while back I did an interview for Active Gaming Media about my work on MOTHER 3 and my views on translation and localization. I generally don’t like to do interviews unless the questions are well-thought out, which is like maybe 20% of the time. AGM had a ton of deep questions, so the […]

Being an Anime/Manga Freelance Translator

There’s a good podcast interview with a manga/anime translator over here that I highly recommend if you like to know what it’s like to be a translator in the industry. Pretty much everything he says about his experiences mirrors mine exactly, it was really weird. Before he could even answer questions given to him I […]

It’s Alive

Starting to put this site back together – a few years ago my personal site crashed or got hit by a worm or something so I just shut it down after a while. Always been meaning to get it up and running again at some point, so here we go. First off, I changed the […]

Maybe I’m Getting Old

A while back I got a PS3, and one of the first games I got was Uncharted because everyone was raving about the second game and how great it was. I wanted to play the first one first just so I wasn’t left out of the loop. I quickly found it extremely tedious and it […]

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