My Old Square Rejection Letter

The past month or two I’ve been decluttering my place and slimming down a lot of my merchandise collections by selling it on eBay (you can check out some of my stuff here!) While cleaning out one of my closets a few weeks ago I stumbled upon this – a rejection letter from Square.

I had just graduated from university (or was about to) so I applied to lots of different game companies hoping to work for them as a translator. Square (the Japanese headquarters) had some positions open for translators so I jumped on that the instant I saw it. Of course, the age-old problem befell me – I didn’t have any professional experience, so no one wanted to hire me. But how are you supposed to get experience if no one will hire you?!

That’s why I had done a ton of fan translating in the years before – to try to get as close to professional experience as I could. In fact, I had even fan translated a bunch of Square RPGs, stuff like Bahamut Lagoon, Final Fantasy for the Wonderswan, and a bunch more I’ve probably forgotten. Anyway, it wasn’t meant to be, but luckily I went on to have an awesome career translating for FUNimation and doing occasional games on the side for localization companies. And funnily enough, I did at one point end up working on a Square game through one of those localization agencies 😛

Anyway, here are some more pics of the rejection letter. I have no real attachment to it, I’m wondering if it would be worth anything on eBay…

I just remembered that I had also applied to a position for the USA branch of Square too – I don’t remember how I got my reply but it was one of those “unfortunately we don’t feel your addition to our staff would be mutually beneficial at this time” jargon things. I’m certain it didn’t come on such nice stationery, at least.

Still, I wonder if I’d have a chance if I applied to companies now…

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9 Responses to “My Old Square Rejection Letter”

  1. mitch says:

    kind of them to call you *MR.* Clyde.

  2. KingDarian says:

    I’m getting ready to graduate after this next semester, so I’m planning on applying to a ton of game companies(as a programmer). I wonder what kind of rejection letters I’ll get. Wooo, no experience.

  3. Magicxgame says:

    That’s an upbeat way to end the year.

  4. Boy, do i know what that is like with the “no experience” paradox. I graduated in June last year, and it wasn’t until November that i was finally able to land a job. Luckily, in the meantime i was able to build up my portfolio doing some freelance stuff, like that logo i made for mato. But still, going for so long with no work (except for a lousy part-time job at McDonalds) was a huge pain.

    • Mato says:

      June to November sounds about right for me too, for me it was late October. So maybe that’s how it is for most people like us out of school?

      BTW, I haven’t forgotten about your logo – I feel bad that I haven’t put it up yet, it WILL go up eventually though, I promise! The Zelda stuff is at like 90% done, I just gotta get one good last push and then it’ll all be ready to go.

      • Awesome. I check back with your site periodically from time to time, not just for that, but to see what else you have uploaded. I think you’re a cool guy and i really admire you… in a totally non-creepy, professional way.

  5. Kelim says:

    dude you would totally get in if you applied now. you work for Funi!

  6. U-10 says:

    Could you actually translate the letter itself?

    • Mato says:

      Sure, I will in the near future, possibly for my Legends of Localization site ( ) but it’s basically the standard, “Thank you for your interest, but unfortunately we’re unable to hire you at this time, please try again soon, Square is dedicated to making sure its games are the best blah blah blah”

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