Vesperia Craziness

A while back I picked up Tales of Vesperia and have been enjoying it. The game itself is really cool, but being a translator by trade, I always wind up paying attention to the translation, even if I don’t mean to. From what I can tell, it looks like most of the translation work was outsourced and done in a huge hurry, so the overall quality is kinda meh, except for the parts that were clearly given more attention by what I assume was the in-house team or the A-Team of the translation agency.

But man oh man, the number of typos and grammar issues in this game is absurd. In some parts I’d say it averaged maybe even 10 instances per hour. Here are just a very few random examples.

Geez, typos in the item names too?

Woulda been funny if they’d used “yore” on accident

No, Namco Bandai’s quality assurance is lose

That’s just typo stuff that anyone can notice though; I really wanna dig deep into the actual translation itself, since it looks like so many different people with so many different styles worked on it. I can easily tell when someone experienced worked on a part or if someone new-ish (or with little care) worked on a part, for example. I’d love to compare the two versions of the games someday for my (hopefully) upcoming project thing, but the amount of time it’d take to play both versions and dissect both would be crazy. Maybe someday though.

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8 Responses to “Vesperia Craziness”

  1. Jungyin says:

    That reminds me, you might want to consider the official English translation of Tales of Phantasia on the GBA for analysis. One memorable moment was when the great battle between the gods and demons was referred to as “Kangaroo”. Investigations revealed that was the first suggested “correction” in Microsoft Word 2003’s spell check for “Ragnorok”.

  2. Nessgeek says:

    I think “it is miracle” is the best mishap out of all the screen text you posted.

  3. jackeccs says:

    So many typo’s T_T
    Still a good game.

  4. jackeccs says:

    I typoed myself 😀

  5. newwavebossanova says:

    I captured a whole bunch of these and posted it on a forum.

    Most of the ones that you got totally slipped past me though, but it’s to be expected since I’m not a translator/editor.

    It looked like, to me, most of the typos were for optional parts. But then again, there were a whole lot of typos when it would have been best to have none at all.

    • Mato says:

      Ah cool!

      It turns out a translator buddy of mine did some work on Vesperia, primarily the important story stuff. From what it sounds like, the non-main-story stuff is what got the less-than-stellar translators, so that explains that.

      I actually ran into a whole lot more problems and awkward phrasing, I only took pics for a few of them. I’m hoping Namco Bandai will learn from this and improve their quality assurance.

  6. LucasTizma says:

    LOL These are hilarious and sad. I actually found an item name botch in the PSP remake of Tactics Ogre that surprised me. The rest of the game was so well-localized, but I guess it’s hard for games—especially text-heavy RPGs—to escape all typos and such.

    About the very first one, I actually encounter that a lot in my Japanese classes. Even though the instructors are all MA/PhDs in English education and stuff, occasionally they’ll give you a translations like, “What are there in the refrigerator?” Maybe singular/plural is just a difficult concept to grasp correctly in some cases (assuming the localizer(s) wasn’t a native English speaker). Or maybe the localizer was stupid/lazy/tired/rushed. 🙂

  7. Count Monty says:

    Seriously Namdai, what the hell? You make some pretty good games but what you give us in terms of localization is the laziest you can get away with, if you even do it at all.

    And please change you logo, it looks like you’re Bandai Namco, not Namco Bandai.

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