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My Old Square Rejection Letter

The past month or two I’ve been decluttering my place and slimming down a lot of my merchandise collections by selling it on eBay (you can check out some of my stuff here!) While cleaning out one of my closets a few weeks ago I stumbled upon this – a rejection letter from Square. I […]

Final Fantasy III (US) with FFII (US) Map Graphics

Over on the RHDN forums Zeemis posted a patch that changes all the map graphics in FF3us to look like FF2us. I love the FF2 map style so seeing the FF3 world map like this in that style is like, “Whoa, it feels like a totally different game now!” Here’s the thread with pics and […]

Mario Contest Results!

A while back I posted a contest/drawing for a beat-up Japanese Super Mario Bros. manual I used for my SMB localization page. Basically, people who posted their stories about their first time playing Super Mario Bros. and one winner would be chosen (see here). Well, here’s the winning result, courtesy of Ms. Poe: I’ll contact […]

History of Squaresoft’s Localization

It’s a bit old, but here’s a really neat article about the evolution of Square’s localization stuff. They do some really awesome work now, but did a lot of crazy stuff in the early days. It’s neat seeing how that change came about. The Rise of Squaresoft Localization I look forward to analyzing a couple […]

About Wa and Ga

I dug up an old article I wrote like ten years ago about studying “wa” and “ga” in Japanese classes. It’s tough to really explain, it’s just something you gotta experience, but here’s what I wrote up: Why Wa and Ga Ruin Lives

Call for Zelda 1 Stuff

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on a Zelda 1 thing for my Legends of Localization project. I still got a ways to go, but if anyone out there has suggestions/questions about stuff I should maybe cover, let me know here! Looks like this section’s going to be a bit bigger than my […]

Interview in German Gaming Magazine

A while back I did a quick interview for a writer for a German gaming magazine. The issue was published a few months ago and he sent me a scan of the article, except I’m not actually sure what it says about me 😛 I’d be curious to know, so if any German-speaking folks are […]

Localization at Capcom

A few weeks ago Capcom Unity posted an article about how localization is handled at Capcom. You can read it here. It’s really interesting stuff, if you don’t know what goes into game localization at all, you might be surprised that it’s more than just simple translation! Incidentally, Mark/Kyosuke, a translator buddy of mine, works […]

Super Mario Bros. Comparison Up

I’ve finally finished a comparison of the Japanese and American Super Mario Bros.! Check it out – if you’re into NES games I think you’ll like it. I’m even holding a tiny little contest – one lucky person will get the Japanese manual for free. Also, for more info on my “Legends of Localization” project […]

Hell Yeah Games

I was thinking about this the other day and even made a quick Twitter post about it, but I might as well ask here too. You know how us 20-30-somethings look back at the 16-bit era and are like, “Hell yeah, Chrono Trigger!” or “Aww yeah, EarthBound!” I can think of a couple dozen games […]

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