Who Ya Gonna Call? I Dunno Anymore…

So apparently this novel was recently released in Japan. I found out about it because Amazon Japan mailed me about it, for whatever reason.

Usually I don’t pay attention to Amazon Japan’s e-mails, but the title of this particular novel caught my eye: ゴーストバスターズ. Ghost Busters.


It was written by a Japanese guy, so I’m even more bewildered. The quick description was even odder. Here it is translated.

A novel with a story that stretches through history and across the world. Two daring gunslingers, in search of mysterious ghosts, set out on a journey across America. The travelers cross through space, time, dreams, and reality. This is a wonderful journey story that will usher in a new era.


I know originally the movie was supposed to be pretty sci-fi with space travel and stuff before it got tamed down. But what is this? Did someone just stick the name on something completely different?

Very weird, Japan.

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6 Responses to “Who Ya Gonna Call? I Dunno Anymore…”

  1. Poe says:

    That description makes me wish I could read it.

  2. Jackx says:


  3. inran_teddy_bear says:


  4. inran_teddy_bear says:


  5. Zero3K says:

    Will Tomato Adventure ever get a translation patch made for it?

  6. somepartsareme says:

    “Very weird, Japan.”

    Bout time you realized!

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