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Some Japanese Toys

Came across these on Amazon Japan, in the toy area. Strange thing to give a little kid, weird words to teach a little Japanese kid too.

Tomato Adventure Translation Stuff

A long while back, after finishing the Mother 3 translation, I still had the itch to translate neglected GBA games. My first choice was Tomato Adventure, and after what I learned from Mother 3, hacking this game was a cinch for the most part. I quickly realized, though, that the project was going to be […]

Game Swag!

A few weeks ago I opened a site I’ve been working on for a long time called Game Swag. It’s a database of gaming-related merchandise, like a Wiki, basically. It’s also got news too. You can even keep track of what you have and what you want, kind of like Backloggery! Anyway, there’s a lot […]

Dates Smell

I hate programming stuff that relates to time and dates. It’s always annoying. I never had to do much of it before, though. I’ve realized even more how annoying Daylight Savings Time is after code that was working fine decided to break the time dimension: That or someone went back in time and broke the […]

Hello, This is Japan Speaking

Food Fight Episode 3

I realized that ten years ago today was when I caught my first full episode of Food Fight, episode #3. It’s also one of my favorites. So here it is again, with my really really old subs: For those that remember, here’s a trip down memory lane!

This Thing Still On?

I’m hoping to eventually make this place my new main site. I’m terrible at keeping blogs/sites updated though. But I think it’s time to get a lot of my old site’s content back up, I get a lot of questions about stuff that I can’t point people to anymore. I’ve been working on a project […]

Who Ya Gonna Call? I Dunno Anymore…

So apparently this novel was recently released in Japan. I found out about it because Amazon Japan mailed me about it, for whatever reason. Usually I don’t pay attention to Amazon Japan’s e-mails, but the title of this particular novel caught my eye: ゴーストバスターズ. Ghost Busters. What? It was written by a Japanese guy, so […]

Don’t Eat That!

“Have a friend toss different sports balls in the air and catch them like Yoshi would catch fruit.” I’m not sure that’s the smartest idea 😯 Also, the language nerd in me is required to point out that the ambiguous wording making it possible that the friend is supposed to catch the fruit instead of […]


This site got neglected. Someday it will be better, for now it will be a place for stuff. Been working on a secret thing for a long while now. It’s neat and I think people will like it. In a month or two I’ll need people to help test it out.

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